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Click here to view the new EEE-Class Ships

The presentations above show the large ships that already exist with more being built, and the need for another deep water port in the Western Hemisphere. 

World’s Annual Economy

7 Billion People generate a 7 trillion US Dollar Economy (excluding military spending and infrastructure development).

End of 2013 the US budget amounted to $3.3 Trillion

Americas 300 million inhabitants account for 13% of the world economy and is about 5% of the world population.

In the year 2000- 100 million containers TEU’S moved around the world and 35 million TEU’s came to the United States and the industry is growing by approximately 20% ANNUALLY

Click on the image below to see a presentation of the new mega ships than can be unloaded in Sonora

The Triple-E name refers to: Efficiency esp. in energy; Economy of scale; and Environmentally improved.


Congestion in the ports of LA/LOB

Solution: The (Port of Tucson) in Southern Arizona is already a success and growing by 20% annually.

Why the States of Sonora, and Arizona:   Access to 11% of fastest growing US Population 


Shanghai – China
Shenzen – China
Hong Kong – China
Singapore – South East Asia
Los Angeles/Long Beach – North America
Newark, NJ – North America
Panamá City – Panama
Antwerp – Belgium
Jebel Ali-Dubai
Robert’s Banks Super Port – BC Canada
Prince Rupert – BC Canada
Mundra – India
Felixstowe Dockers – UK
Bremerhaven – Germany
Rotterdam – Netherlands
Aarhus – Denmark

List of container shipping companies ranked in order of the Twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) capacity of their fleet of container ships Current as of May 2016







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