About Ameri-Qic

American Quality International Consulting became a registered LLC with the State of Arizona, File Number L 1 088573 1, on September 4, 2003. Al Melvin is the owner. The areas of expertise are trade, transportation, containerization, logistics and distribution. An American genius, named Malcolm McLean, in the 1950’s, totally transformed the international transportation of general cargo by starting the Containerization and Inter-modal Revolution. Today, the vast majority of non bulk dry cargo moves in marine containers. This transportation revolution caused an explosion in world trade. Practically every man, woman and child during the past fifty years has benefited from this in terms of higher standards of living and quality of life. Mr Mclean was the Owner of Mclean Trucking and became the owner of Sea-Land Service which was eventually acquired by Maersk Line. The Home Page of this website has a slide show of 20 container ports around the world.

For 11 years, Al Melvin was involved with a deep water port project in Sonora, Mexico. The goal was to take advantage of the deep water in the Sea of Cortez, achieving a depth of water alongside of 65 feet. The port would cater to state of the art 24,000 TEU container ships. This is the equivalent of 10,000 eighteen wheeler trailers. The plan was to unload containers direct to double stack trains (DST’s) and vice versa. This would greatly enhance of the productivity of the container terminal. This port would become an economic engine for Sonora, Mexico and Arizona creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Details of this project are contained in the slide show in Deep Water Port Project below.

The of Puerto Libertad in the Sea of Cortez has the potential to be a major load port for transport to the Far East.

Al Melvin is also available to speak and work on the following additional key areas: